Owners Ariel Lockshaw and Amanda Lockshaw live in Athens, Ga. and each bring very different, strong skillsets to the company with unique backgrounds and educational track. Hailing from California, Ariel focused on water sports and painting in her college years, and soon after she trekked across the country to earn her Masters Degree in Fine Arts from UGA. As much as she truly loved the creative aspect of her education in Athens (and UGA football- GO DAWGS) what really motivated her was the satisfaction of developing client relations, solving problems, (and let’s all admit it…there is NOTHING like a fresh coat of paint to drastically enhance a situation entirely: a mood, a home, a business, and most importantly, increase property value!) Long story short, there is no shortage of property investors in Athens, and there is no other business owner offering painting and property services that has the artistic educational background, the passion, or that work as hard as she does.

Amanda Lockshaw brings a more clinical expertise to the company as a CHC, Certified Healthcare Constructor, which is a certification from the American Hospital Association. There aren’t many of those floating around, and the people that have them typically have an intensive background and interest in fire, mold, smoke, water and storm damage remediation and reconstruction in residential and commercial structures, just as she does. As a kid in South Georgia, she grew up around blue collar workers in her father’s glass business and helped clean their shop and practiced cutting glass anytime she found a scrap laying around. Respect for building, updating, and improving residential and commercial structures, as a way of life, was ingrained in her from an early age. Having worked in the restoration industry for almost a decade, Amanda brings her passion for clean construction, infection control and good, old-fashioned remodeling to the company and oversees projects with her unique perspective for the building occupants’ health, safety, and longevity.